Start a Family Reunion

These hidden roots pertain to American History viewed through another set of eyes. This can expose historical events, governmental laws, acts, and ordinances that have affected culture in either a positive or negative way. It also reviews a history that has been misunderstood by other groups for centuries.

If you decide to have a Family Reunion, then we have some things that can make your ride smoother by providing “Family Reunion instructions” and templates that can help guide you through this journey. We also provide a list of trusted genealogy research sites directed toward the African American lineage. The majority of the list is free for anyone to use. Our goal is to be your genealogical research portal onto the Internet.

Let’s work together to complete this passage of your journey. You may even decide to employ my actions: “Couldn’t find a book about our personal history, so we decided to write one to give our history a chance to live beyond our lifetime.”

Reunification allows family members to assemble for fun, food, fellowship, and discussion despite living far apart. Our seniors can reflect on their past and share that experience with the younger members. The middle-aged members can discuss their accomplishments and have an open discussion of future progression. The youngsters can absorb this information to help direct and plan for the future.

Get ready to start a lifetime experience with your family. It takes time, commitment, and planning, but using the basic instructions found in my book can help propel your reunion to fit your family’s purpose. It is time to share family traditions, culture, experiences, and beliefs. You are the memories of your past, the leaders of your present, and the visionaries of your future.



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