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Purchases through this website will help support several educational organizations that promote the welfare of our children.

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This book combines my history as it pertains to historical events, governmental laws, and acts that affected my life. These life-changing events not only have affected my life but all other races in America. Regardless of your background, you were affected by the same laws and acts indirectly. This book is for the ones who have lost track of themselves and for the ones who want to really know. It is a brief overview of American History from another perspective. 

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The lineage of Charles Ellick and his descendants are the focus of this book. He is the one person who can be traced back into time, give us a true bearing into the past. As one of our ancestors, he stands between our present-day life and yesterdays’ memories.

We will be reaching back through voices of the past, legal documents on file and personal letters of yesterday in hopes of bringing our past to life. Available for purchase:

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This one African man born in the western part of Africa became a captive of neighboring tribesmen. And as an adolescent, he became a part of a trade to a merchant for other goods. After being transported to Virginia at the age of twelve, he became the property of an Englishman named Hathaway who was a plantation owner in Tennessee. Given the name of “James”, he became a servant to his owner in exchange for room, board, and eventually freedom. Available for purchase:

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This book is a collection of writings I’ve created over the years. These inspirational words of encouragement were written when I needed something to keep myself moving ahead.

The Lord answered my prayers through pen and paper. His blessing inspirited me to write as a way of understanding myself while venting positive and negative thoughts.  Available for purchase:

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The Ellick Family Reunion of 2019 was a time for remembering our roots, as well as the good old times. This reunion also renewed the ties forged earlier by our ancestors. It was a time for rededicating the ideals and goals that served as a beacon for our family’s struggles and successes. And through it all, we received nurturing and inspiration from our families.

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This is my opportunity to share a journey with you through Harrom “Puddin” Ellick, born in Madison, Florida and resided in the state of New York. He was the second youngest of the ten children. His oldest sister Mattie, who acted as his second mom gave him the nickname of “Puddin” when he was a little boy. Puddin left home, first staying in St. Anne, Illinois with his final northern destination of New York.  Get your free copy:    

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Charles Ellick Wheeler, born to the late McKenneth Wheeler and Emma Ellick was the third of seven children. His family moved from Sanford, Florida to Louisville Kentucky, then to Cleveland Ohio. Becoming of working age, he learned many skills needed to master different jobs. His working knowledge kept him employed. Being the oldest boy, his order of responsibilities always put his mother first, then family. Get your free copy:

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