About the Author


Arthur L Hathaway is a writer, author, educator, and entrepreneur with a passion for history. He is the author of several small writings and was the editor/writer of a San Diego, California Church newsletter. Arthur has written numerous articles during his professional career along with a monthly financial newsletter entitled “Your Finances.”

He started researching family history as a young man, after realizing that he did not know who he was. As a military enlistee during the Vietnam era, he had partaken in an open discussion with a group of navy men of different ethnic backgrounds. The conversation evolved around heritage through ancestry, culture, and customs, along with the original homeland. Arthur only knew he was born in Kentucky with family in Tennessee and Florida, This created a great void in him which started his journey for questions and answers to fill that emptiness of not knowing who he really was.

Becoming the historian of his family’s lineage, Arthur researched and accumulated historical data he felt should be shared with the family. However, after reviewing all the data, he realized the information collected should not be for one family or group of people. It should be distributed to all in need of knowing who he really is as a people. Arthur felt if someone could see what was developed through his research, they may have a better understanding of who he is as a person and a people. This could result in a better relationship with others who are willing to know him. He understands that yesterday’s problems are also today’s’ problems. If we can review yesterday to see what has changed, we may create a better starting position to solve some of the problems of today.

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